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Ленточнопильный станок SCM Minimax s 700 p

Страна: Италия
Производитель: SCM

Массивный, высокоточный, профессиональный ленточнопильный станок для столяров и плотников.


Высокая устойчивость: толстые литые шкивы на вращающиеся на изолированных, не требующих обслуживания подшипниках; Идеально точный рез, благодаря верхней и нижней направляющим пилы; Полная безопасность работы, с телескопической защитой пилы;

Видео обзор работы оборудования


The S400P (MM16) has 16” resaw height as well as 16” cutting width. With this much capacity in such a compact machine, this makes it ideal for any small shop, whether professional or not. New and improved Euroguides are state of the art.

The S400P (MM16) has an 1.25” steel post for your upper guide support. This post has a chain and sprocket mechanism so that you always maintain fluid movement even with the buildup of pitch and dust. Lending further support is a massive cast iron enclosure and a metal gib so that when you lock your guides in place, you don’t get any flex when cutting your material.

These same features are found on the MM20 20” bandsaw as well.


The S400P (MM16) has thick cast iron wheels which are perfectly balanced to reduce vibration, and produce a fly wheel effect to aid in the processing of your pieces. Furthermore, this machine features an adjustable lower guide assembly. Most lower guides are fixed at a lower position so that you can freely tilt the table to 45 degrees and not hit the guides. On our machine, when you are not tilting the table, you can raise the guides all the way up to the lower table surface to decrease the distance between your guides, maintaining maximum stability through your cut. Also pictured is the enclosed dust collection point. These same featureson the MM20 20” bandsaw as well.


The S400P (MM16) has tongue and groove tires on the cast-iron wheels. When replacing a tire on most machines (an inevitability over time) you have to scrape off the glued on tire, clean the cast iron surface, re-glue the new tire on, band it so that it adheres properly, and possibly have to take the wheel to be re-balanced afterwards. Some machines have “cold-vulcanized” tires which is a permanent bonding process which means you have to send the entire wheel back to the manufacturer to replace. With our system, no glue is necessary, simply heat the tire a little, wrap it around the cast-iron wheel so that the tongue fits into the groove of the wheel surface, and as it cools it bonds to the wheel. Simple. These samethe MM20 20” bandsaw as well.

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